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Sunday, March 20, 2011


To be completely honest, I have never thought of writing up a new post in this blog since my last one I wrote in January.

Well here I am. Coming back from the dead. Feeling like, looking like, smelling like the undead: a zombie.

I caught up with G a couple of days ago and memories just started coming back, and I just had the sudden urge to write up something and share my thoughts.

So what's been happening? People have been asking.

Well, first of all.... I've started on this weird and crazy phenomenon that is so called 'dating'. Up til now I still can't get it off my mind.... I have a girlfriend? It's a weird feeling. Not because it's actually a GIRL that I'm dating, but the actual fact that someone would be insane enough to date ME. 

Everyone I talk to lately would ask, "so I heard the news! Who is she? What is her name? How did you meet? What does she do? What was she thinking picking a weirdo like you?" the never-ending questions of disbelief just keeps attacking me on and on, following me along every corner and how do I react to it? Not quite sure, I'm still in disbelief myself. I just answer with a simple, "she's cool" or something along those lines.

I'm sorta starting to feel like I'm living a different life. A part of me seems to have left and it scares me. I mean, who wouldn't be scared if they had lost something precious to them. You know, things just keep popping in my head, "what if I never get to do the random idiotic things that I do when I'm drunk?' 'what if I start to see the world differently?' or even worse, 'what if my friends don't accept the new me?'

Call me glass half empty, but I'm starting to over think a lot of things. Maybe because of the stress from uni, maybe because I'm just simply unsure of what's been happening and what's going to happen in my life. I always thought I'd be bad with relationships, but I never knew I'd be this bad (haha).

But yeah funny story, how did we meet? Wait for the next couple of posts to find out.

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