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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Under new management (or renewed interest)

IM BACK! miss me?! well no one ever reads this anyway so who really cares.

RIGHT. 4 months! come to think of it.. hasn't even been that long! what's been happening? let me fill you in:
1) girlfriend
2) new job, same demoralizing-low-paying-weird-smell-wanna-kill-myself atmosphere
3) 150% decrease in social life
4) 10000% decrease in alcohol consumption
5) rekindled love for blogging.

but some things are still the same. I am still a boy. I am still bad at driving. And most importantly.. I am still a struggler. But that's okay since people get joy out of it. It's totally not sad and attention seeking right?.........right??!

Now my main reason for this post is that as the title suggested, I am going to take a different approach to blogging. Reading over my last posts I have been so... formal. so... weird and so.. emo.

So the first thing I'd like to change around here is to make a cheerful happy place that people go to after a long hard day of uni. Instead of the previously disgusting, depressing and lonely equivalent of a 'strip club' (without the strippers - someone give me a better euphemism) it is now a lil' cafe, like that one in Friends.

And to the next point, what comes with cafes? FOOD! yeeeees, I am now focusing on food. I have been taken over by the thousands of blogs that post those nice little edible treats on a platter that make your mouth water, but every time you attempt to make the same dish it ends up in complete disaster and turns out to become inedible weird looking garbage. (well at least that's what happens to my attempts)

I know what you're thinking 'ahhh Adhi is making another one of THOSE blogs'. HOWEVER. what makes me different to those damn masterchef-finger-licking-good-food-cooker-person is that my stuff will actually end up in a disaster too! so you won't feel jelly from not being able to make what I make because to be honest, picking up a pile of discarded rotten food from your pet's plate is pretty much equivalent to my cooking.

So hope you enjoy whatever this blog is turning into, and enjoy watching this blog slowly making it's move to Hell once again!

A little preview of what's coming. JAM DONUTS. without the jam
I dropped one of these bad boys in the process of taking the picture
so don't think any one of these is actually edible.

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