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Saturday, March 31, 2012

stupid? or just.... stupid.

alright guys. I'm back. woohoo. 

first thing's first. remember that thing I said on the first couple of posts I made, about not swearing in my posts? yeah that's out of the drain. 

I'm thinking that if I swear all the time in real life, why wouldn't I when sharing one of the most deepest (not that deep) thoughts online? and I'm just assuming you'd want to enjoy the full Adhi experience when reading this shit.

Alright. now what...

As I have said in the last post, I was thinking on making this a food blog. well FUCK THAT SHIT. I am not cooking as much as I thought I would, but here are some of the stuff I have made since:

Yummay. very yummay indeed. You see, what's funny to me is that although I probably am one of the most Asian person I had ever known, I never seem to understand Asian cooking. You start with anything you want. (no joke, anything for example prawns mixed with jungle cats' testicles), shove it in a pan and mix the shit out of it, and you're done. Improvisation is the key and obviously the better the ingredients compliment each other the better. I can't improvise. not one bit. I tried, and my failure was so horribly devastating that I am scared of doing it again, to a certain extent. 

So yeah, I am the type of person that really like to follow others' instructions, a copy cat, if you will. Not that that's a bad thing, but I really do think that the better you are at everything, well, the better you are. So at some point in life I might try to develop my improvisation skills and by then, hopefully, I would be cooking Asian, and not pretending to be some pretentious loser who is trying to deny his heritage. 

On a lighter topic, after spending God knows how long on Youtube, I was wondering if I can make some kind of channel that would bring in more views (with me being the biggest attention seeker and all) and I came up with this formula : 

Success in Youtube = Something original x ? = profit. 

I got that far, so I brainstormed to think of something original, a form of presentation that has never been done on video before, or maybe some skill that I can flaunt to the rest of the world. 

Then, a massive idea came to mind. here is the dialogue that is happening in my mind at that time:

me: "Alright, brain. Get this. Let's do one of those sorts of videos where I just sit here and talk about my life and shit" 

brain talking back: "...you mean a video blog"

me: "holy shit yea that's a sick name"

brain: "you're a fucking idiot. please kindly point a gun in your head and pull the trigger, I simply do not want to live in this world any longer"

me: "alright alright that's been done before, but how about.... instead of having me facing the camera, I would draw some animated guy and let him do the talking in my stead"

somehow my brain just stopped for a while and gave me a couple of minutes to think about what I had just thought of, basically, and I felt so damn stupid and felt like I should start kindergarten all over again. 

Seriously, this dialogue (more or less) actually happened in my head at around 12.00am and thinking back to it I really do wonder how I am going survive in life.

anyway, after thinking back on that idea, I am quite shocked and depressed about my idiocy, so I will just end it here. 

Lighter topic discussed: success. 

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