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Sunday, November 28, 2010


one word to start this post : FINALLY

I have finally finished my exams, I have finally caught up with friends, I have finally followed through with my plans on learning the guitar, I have finally got enough time to post something new, I have finally started working again, and I have finally successfully spent all the money I had. 

These past 3-4 weeks has been rough, with massive cram sessions and 3 hours of torture for each subject spaced out in 3 weeks, forcing me to finish at least 2 weeks later than everyone else. And during this time period, I've got a feeling that I was over blogging. I had anticipated this moment since I've started and it's finally here. But the fact that I've posted something new and realized that I have more followers sorta made me feel better about continuing. 

ok something unrelated. There were many things I wanted to blog about lately, but I forgot about most of them. Let's talk about my experiences in the exams for today. 

What I think examiners should do:
1) let us bring food - 3 hours. we get hungry, don't want to listen to a symphony of stomach grumbles during the last half an hour or so
2) let us listen to music - music calms me down. most of us listen to music while studying. we can also listen to online streaming of lectures without getting caught too
3) let us bring our own toilet paper - the last thing you want during exam period is AIDS. and we can put cheat notes on toilet paper.
4) just f**k off - self explanatory.

I came in to my bio exam fully prepped. I actually did work during the semester, listening to the lectures over online streaming and taking notes while I was at it. The thing is, I never actually attended a single lecture, and that was probably why I did a lot worse than I expected (haha) so yes, bio was a disappointment. But at least I passed. 

Physics was a LOT tougher. I did not do any work whatsoever during the semester and after doing my first practice exam, I panicked. 6 days to go til my exam and I had just started revising the whole course all over again. I really should've picked the easier physics. I practiced hardcore with every questions I can find : practice papers, tutes, questions from the textbook; and they weren't enough. I didn't know there were TWO compulsory textbooks for the subject until about 2 days before the actual exam. I thought I was screwed for physics. but then I decided to calculate how much I actually needed to pass the subject. Turns out I only needed 25% in the exam to pass. YES! So I told my friend MW about the exciting news on facebook, and my other friend MTu decided to crush all my hopes of doing well in a semester, it went something like this:

me: I ONLY NEED 25% TO PASS!!!!! that's 40 marks in a total of 150 marks in the exam! full marks on 2 questions out of 8! or even better, 5 easy marks from each question!!!!! F******KK im happy now.
MTu: You sure the exams not a hurdle? (you actually need to pass the exam to pass the subject)
me: ...ah sh*t.

hmm I was not very happy that day. and so comes the exam, the day when I was completely demoralized and lost all hopes of doing well in the exam. Reading time, I stared at my exam. "find the pressure of water going through some pipe using some random equation we haven't taught you yet and then find the velocity. From this use the velocity to find the kinetic energy, then the potential energy and the height of the projectile of the water shooting out of the pipe". If you can't find the pressure, you can't do the rest, and you just lost 10 marks in the exam. I was screwed. After the exam, BT said to me "in a distant not too far away in that exam rooom, I saw your face of resignation as you looked at your exam paper...what an 'adhi' moment". So true BT, too true..

Calculus, no comment, don't want to jinx myself.

Chem, definitely a fail. I had the most time to revise for chem, I had done the subject last semester, and it was actually straight forward. Here's where I went wrong :
1) I did not spend the time given to me to study, but instead to sneak out of the house at 2am and go to a friend's house. Twice
2) I did not understand anything taught at chem last semester
3) I attended at most 5 lectures out of 35 during the semester.

so yes, I had this one coming. If I fail again, they'll kick me out. So fingers crossed.


ok so on a different note, I have been struggling with this 'new' facebook layout. (it's actually pretty old by now but it changed during my blogging hiatus state) This so called 'friendship' keeps screwing with my habits of wall to wall. Usually I'd just go to the other person's wall-to-wall, where all our conversation is compiled in one easy page, but now I have to actually go to the person's wall and write stuff down. This may cause people like me who struggle with change, to well. struggle:

one word: finally.

Struggle Adhi is finally back.

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