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Monday, November 1, 2010

It fits my personality!

My plan for the day, according to my timetable:
10-12 - biol lecture
1-3 - physics questions
4-6 - calculus questions
7-9 - biol lecture

what I ended up doing :
11 - wake up
11-12 - biol lecture
1-2 - pick up printer
2-5 - play around with printer
7 - dentist
8-9 - facebook.

I ended up only doing one out of four things that I was planning on doing. Plus, I missed out on two revision lectures for biol and chem. Good day indeed.

So, I just got my new printer today. I picked up the printer from Target. The seller was waiting for me since 1, and I left the house at 1.05. When I got there, the first thing he said was "you know you could've called me if you're running late, I've been waiting for 15 minutes". I made up some excuse about my mum telling me to do stuff beforehand, he was not impressed. I was really close to saying "yeah I'm such a struggler" but I didn't want to illustrate how much I struggle in life by telling him my life story, so I just stayed silent and let him complain about my tardiness.

When I got home, I noticed that the cable is different. I thought, "that cable doesn't look like a USB cable, it's about 10 times bigger". Good job, Sherlock. Turns out it was a cable for really old printers and obviously my laptop does not have a slot for one.

I had to buy a different USB cable from ebay and so I have to wait for another week to test out my printer. Then, I remembered something. My dad is away so I can just steal the cable from his printer. and I did. I plugged it in my computer and printed something out. Turns out the ink for colours has ran out. I looked over the internet to see if there is any way to make it run again (yes I thought it was possible) and I came across this site that shows how to clean the printer, so I read it.

After reading it, I thought 'hey that doesn't seem too hard' and so I tried to take apart my printer, besides it was only 6 bucks, what have I got to lose? other than 6 bucks, of course. 

So I completely dismantled my printer, and it finally came to the part where I can't break it any further, and the printhead (the thing I was trying to clean) was stuck on the shell by wires. I tried cleaning the printhead while it was still stuck on the shell but I gave up. After putting everything back together, I came to realize that I could've actually just taken off the wires. Struggle..

I could've taken that red, black and grey wire off, but I only realized when I was putting it back on.

So since I didn't clean the printhead, I dismantled the printer and wasted 2 hours of my day for nothing, all I end up with is just a printer with parts missing (because I dropped them along the way) and ink all over it. (the inside of a printer is absolutely filthy)

before                                         after

I also put the ink cartridges in a bucket of warm water (because I was stupid enough to think that would do anything) and when I put them back on, the floor was dirty because ink was dripping out. But the printer somehow works now! Before there was no colour but now, there is a little tint of colour! turns out the water dilutes the ink so it can pass through the printer easier. 

before              after

But yes, seriously this printer struggles bad. Takes 2 minutes to print out one page, I took a video of the whole process but the video size is too big so I can't post it up now. 

Well to sum it up : my new printer struggles as much as me and if you have me over, DON'T EVER let me touch your printer


2 weeks into buying me new laptop, it has already stuffed up. Don't blame the laptop, blame me. I don't know why it's broken. If I did I would already attempt to fix it, and mess it up even further, and by this time I wouldn't be blogging because I won't have access to a computer anymore. But my screensaver won't turn on anymore. I tried everything and it still wont work. Can't believe my laptop's already breaking, I haven't even put my porn collection in it yet! (haha joking)

well anyway, I need to catch up with work, I feel so guilty now. 



  1. Your posts reek of insecurity, so much so it's challenging to read. Lift bro!! Lift

  2. insecurity?! more like: factual!
    nah yeah i'll try lol