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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fun with YouTube

For the past week there has been this zit on my forehead. It's pretty annoying but at least it doesn't hurt and hardly noticeable. Until about 5 minutes ago.

I got home from uni and I was bored. Went over ebay, looked over some stuff and bought a new mouse for $24 (I think I have an ebay addiction) and found out 10 minutes after that I could've bought the exact same one for $20. 4 bucks would've gotten me a nice lunch! I also had bought a keyboard and mouse set that was $280 retail for $13, and surprise surprise, it was a sham. So I've wasted $17 today, 3 bucks short from getting me into an all you can eat buffet at crown! 

So after realizing how much of an 'Adhi' I was lately, I slightly banged my head to the desk. I completely forgot about this zit on my forehead and the weight of my head with the acceleration of both gravity and force exerted by my anger slammed dead straight to the middle of my zit. AGH! now it is almost as big as the tip of my pinky finger. Lucky I can cover it with my hair.


On a side note, I have been visiting YouTube a lot lately. I don't know why I visit it even more often ONE WEEK BEFORE MY EXAM!

well anyway I am loving Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars' 'Billionare' (I know it's old but hey it's still good) but there's this one sentence that I always mess up while singing along with it in my head, "I wanna be in the cover of FOBS magazine". Then I told E the same thing, and he said:

"you know 'fob' isnt a word in the english dictionary.... like anyone else not from austrlaia wont understand"

Then I thought to myself. If anyone would be in the cover of FOBS, it would be me, and it would look something like this:

Anyway, I have found some funny and cute videos of animals at their best:

A squirrel laying down on the ground trying to cool itself off. Such a friendly and cute squirrel.

I just wanna take this one home and give it a snuggle..... LOL not really. It'd eat my face.

Here's another one of a baby panda sneezing. 

The mother's reaction is PRICELESS! hahaha i love pandas. 

And here's a video of what I usually do around movie theatres. Such a funny gag this one:

hahaha, I really should try it out the next time I see someone who's back of her head is RIDICULOUS

BTW thanks to GC for showing me how to put YouTube links on blogger, never would've figured it out myself!

well this is what I do when I procrastinate, hope you've found them to be quite enjoyable and consider them to be acceptable for material of interest during breaks in between study.

I still can't believe EXAMS ARE IN ONE WEEK! I AM STRESSING OUT! AS@#$Q#$VR#$TVWR#$@%@%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might be MIA until exams are over, or at least until next week after I got BIO and PHYSICS out of the way, SO



  1. Youtube Fever :P

    Videos of animals

    Shocked Rat



    All the best for your exam too :)

    GC :)

  2. This must be one of the most well written blogs i've ever had the pleasure of seeing/reading