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Sunday, October 24, 2010

EMOTICONS! yay or nay?

ok so the heading tells us that this post is about emoticons... but it's actually not. We'll come to that topic later on.

I've spent the last 15 hours trying to think up of a funny post to put up here and I'm having a mental blank. Before I made this blog I've had so many things to talk about but I've lost them ALL! well the emoticons thing is one of them but it's not really that.. funny. or interesting, in fact. But anyway I'll just talk about stuff for the next few paragraphs

So I've been trying to improve my blog by reading other people's blogs (pretty much stealing their style and ideas) so that its more 'fun' to read. I've realized that many people post pictures and videos in their blog and I reckon that it's a pretty good idea. But I don't know how to post pictures up so I'll just leave that till later.

What I'd like to do in the near future is put up some funny anecdotes about my friends. I'll try to keep them anonymous (well, somewhat. but it's really not that hard to figure out) by using LETTERS to represent their names. Let me introduce you to my 4 closest friends:

E - always pull funny jokes and comments out of nowhere, a person who always thinks positively. I look up to him for his optimistic view of life in general.

J - a super genius child prodigy who succeeds in everything he does. Whipping out corny and lame jokes is his special move. I look up to him for his self discipline and well.. lameness.

G - always fun to be around with, the person I'd turn to when I am having problems and is always there to help me out. Sometimes a little fob like me. I look up to her for her workaholic and 'always putting others' need first than her own' nature.

T - a person who although worries a little, is always giving me a good laugh and with E, they always tend to put up a good show. I do not look up to him. HAHAHA just kidding. The dedication and care he puts towards his friendship with others makes me want to become a better friend to everyone.

OK so that's the introduction, and whenever I come across a funny story of these people I'll post them up.

Now. back to the main topic.

Reading other people's blogs I also see many people using emoticons - pictures/faces created using keyboard characters (e.g. =D). I'm wondering whether I should use emoticons in my blog. For those people who know me, I use emoticons pretty much in every sentence when I type, but I'd like to act more mature and not lame in my blog. But using emoticons are a great way to express emotion, especially for me who always forget adjectives or words that describe.... anything.

So I shall think over this issue that I am faced with, and now I am off to swim! the weather. is. AWESOMEEE!


(ps. i've thought about it for 2 seconds, and I've decided to NOT use emoticons)

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