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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Just got back from swimming, and boyy was it fun.

I've realized how I add a new post ever 3 seconds since I've started blogging. Well you know how when you find a new toy you play around with it really often (NO this is not a dirty metaphor) and then you get sick of it after some time and never play with it again? yeah this is what's gonna happen to my blog I'm guessing. 

But since I am still in this 'wanna blog about every part of my life' phase, why don't we just enjoy some fun stories about my expedition to the swimming pool?

Who knows how to pull off a butterfly properly? you know that swimming technique that's really painful to do? I can't do it. I tried to do a lap of butterfly just then, and people were staring at me. I see a smile on the lifeguard's face (who was actually pretty babe) and kids who were sunbathing were giggling like crazy. Hmm maybe it's a sign. Another struggle moment. 

Anyway, I tend to think about random stuff while I swim. This one time I thought about what would happen if the very thought of religion never existed. I don't want to get into that because I am not philosophical and people would just think of me as more of a struggler if I told them my retarded and incomprehensible ideas. Anyway today my mind somehow sidetracked to Inception - that movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio about mindf**king people in their dreams. I watched that movie about 3 months ago and up until now, I've been thinking.. why is it called Inception? where in the part of the movie did the bad guy got 'Inception'-ed? Ladies and gentlemen, after 3 months of trying to figure out the most obvious part of the story, I finally figured out how Inception worked in the movie. And after finishing my 10th lap, I just made a face so seriously retarded that people laughed at me (again) while saying "OHHHHHHHH so that's what it was". Struggle count since I made this blog : 4. I think I struggle more than this person: (thanks B for sharing this pic)

on to a different topic: I've always thought of myself to be a good story teller. A friend of mine was telling me how he reacted to my first post on this blog, and I am quoting "(I) simply got infatuated by the poetic nature with which u write, so much fluency, passion and emotion, much like shakespeare.." He was being sarcastic. (well I thought he was). Yes sometimes I believe that I do tell a tale in a sophisticated and well-thought out manner, I thought my first post was not bad.. But after reading my second post...... UHMMM no.

I guess as the title of my blog suggests, I am still trying to learn the nature of social communication (actually I should change it to " A reason for me to practice enlighs AND social communication skills" but it would sound  weird so I'll just keep it that way) and so these first couple of posts may be BORING, LAME AND EVEN OFFENSIVE. please forgive me. 

WELL that was a good blogging session, now off to study for my exams! 


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