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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The incident of the missing M

So here I am. Staring into the screen of my computer (my screwed up home computer that is probably infected by a virus because my laptop broke) with Facebook, MSN and Youtube opened. Clearly, I'm bored and PROCRASTINATING. So here we go:

I've been reading over my last post (yeah I've been doing that a lot) and I noticed how I've introduced my 4 closest friends and they were never mentioned. Instead I mentioned my other friend who sarcastically loved my first post and another friend who shared his awesome screenshot of the expression most people give me when words come out of my mouth. I'm planning to write a pretty long story so buckle up.

This is the tale of the missing M, and many other things that happen to have made my day miserable. Obviously when these events happened I didn't go around laughing my ass off for my stupid actions, but thinking back I find it to be a pretty good and entertaining story.

Some background story - E and I usually go for waffles during Tuesday nights because waffles are awesome. The waffles place is in Westfield Doncaster and we usually go straight there from the city (where our universities are located)

OK so my day started off pretty normal. I smack my alarm clock to put it on snooze about 400 times and I wake up pretty much 2 hours late for my first class. Left the house at about 9 and thought to park some place closer to Doncaster because, petrol is worth as much as...petrol these days. I went over to Box Hill for parking near the train station.. couldn't find anything. So I went to Laburnum for parking, none there. Then I went to Blackburn, and their parking lot is seperated into like three different lots so I spent almost 30 minutes looking for parking. STILL NOTHING. Then I thought to try again at Box Hill, thinking that someone would probably drive off during the 40 minutes I've spent looking at different stations. You guessed right, nothing.

I was pretty pissed at this moment, so I decided to go into one of those dodgy underground parking lots where you have to pay. To save space, the owners of the parking lot would thought it'd be a good idea to make the entrance and exit of the parking lot almost as wide as my car. So entering was a struggle but no accidents. YET. I went inside, parked and realized that I DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH CHANGE. I had no other choice but to park somewhere else. On my way out, I went through that narrow exit and SCRATCH! the left front of my bumper fully scraped the wall. I ended up finding parking in a station on the other side of the town 2 hours later. 2 HOURS!

After uni, I met up with E and trained back to East Malvern to where I parked. Since Doncaster was about 20 km away I had no idea where I was going. Luckily E did. So we drove past this road I never went through and obviously, I took the wrong turn.

E : "CAN YOU DRIVE? WE'RE IN THE F**KING INCOMING LANE!" (ok this one didn't really happen)

So we turned into a small road and I did a 3-point turn (which I usually do perfectly) but after backing up, BANG! I hit a tree.

E: "@!$%!#%$#@ CHECK YOUR CAR!"

We didn't end up checking the car, and we drove to waffles. On the way, however, we came across this T-intersection, and I was turning right. The lights were yellow and I told E that I'd make it in time..... FLASH we got caught by the camera. By this time, E was just so shocked by my epic struggle in life that he stopped bagging me. All I had to say was, "this better be some f**king good waffles"

At westfield, while waiting for our friend to come, E suggested me to check on the car, so we went. We looked at the back bumper and saw nothing, odd.

E: "dude there's nothing there"
me : "yeah this is making me feel better"
E : "haha yeah man" slowly looking up at my backlights "I reckon it won't be to- WHAT THE F**K IS THAT"

my heart sank, I looked up, and the nissan MAXIMA that has been used by my family for over 7 years turned into an AXIMA.

So there I was, sitting in a cafe eating my misery away in the form of waffles (which turned out pretty good) and drove back home, thinking back at my day of being a struggler. my day of being Adhi.

A couple of months later I told J and T the same story and they added a few comments later on: 

J : (after me telling how I woke up late) why would you wake up so late, don't you care about uni?

J : (after me telling how I went back to Box Hill) why would you go back to BH, you really think someone would just go to the city for 40 minutes?
E : yeah please just ignore the fact that Adhi has the ability to think straight
T : yeah that's totally Adhi

J : (after me telling how I scraped my car) yeah seriously, how did you get your P's?

J : (after me telling how I lost my M) whyyy the hell did you bail? what, did you think the owner of the tree would want his branch back? (a very valid argument, by the way)

and so yes. The story of the missing M is coming to a conclusion. I looked for that M a couple of weeks later, I guess someone was in a desperate need of an M badge and took it.

now wasn't that a nice story? A PHRASE TO DESCRIBE THAT DAY: typical Adhi.

well, sleep is important so I should probably head off. Getting a new laptop tomorrow, so excited! 


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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA NICE and i will link you to my blog now :)