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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Struggle in the lecture theatre(s)

Wow, I can't believe the whole semester, no, the whole YEAR has already passed. Felt like just a weekend. A thrilling, fun and life-changing weekend. 

So there you go, for most of the people I know, we are only a month away from completing first year of university! oh man time sure flies when you're having fun, or struggling to adapt to the sudden change of lifestyle..

ET had recently told me that she was interested in reading my blog. I told her to read the whole thing from the start so that she gets the gist of the format of my blog, such as the purpose of writing my blog, why I don't use emoticons, or why I use LETTERS to represent people's names in my stories. ET then said, "blogs are not meant to be posts that people have to look back to and enjoy, each and every post should be as good and as unrelated to the other so that people who just recently found it can enjoy it straight away"

She had made a really good point, and looking back over what I've been posting lately, it had finally occurred to me that I have not been doing so well in terms of creating a good blog. When I read people's blogs I do not read back to their very first post. So I would like to go back to the main theme of this blog - that is telling screwed up stories of me.... screwing up. 

To be completely honest, the story that most people seemed to like the most, the story of the missing M, was the peaking moment of me being a struggler, and no story that I can think of can top it off in terms of me being a retard. But since we are in the topic of ending first year university, let's recap to a story relating to the new method of learning that I was not (and still am not) used to : lectures.

It was halfway through second semester, and clearly I wasn't still able to successfully juggle my social life with uni life, and so I tend to forget my schedule for lectures and tutes. I had almost forgotten to go to my Physics lecture once, but luckily I remembered. So I went to our usual lecture theater and took a seat in the middle of the back row. I was a couple of minutes early and the seats were filled fast with people who I don't seem to recognize. The first thing I noticed was that we had a different lecturer. I thought to myself "oh right, this must be the new lecturer everyone was talking about". Then I looked up and saw the projector was displaying a slide that said 'trigonometric functions'. As the lecturer was getting prepared for his slides, I looked at my watch and thought "there's still a couple of minutes till the lecture starts, the slides must be from the last lecture."

So I sat there, my physics notes ready on the table with my pens, surrounded by people who seemed to be from a different stream. I looked at my watch as the lecturer starts to speak, "just in time" I thought to myself. And here was how the next 5 minutes went down :

Lecturer : OK, get your books out and we'll continue on Trigonometric functions

Everyone pulled out their orange calculus 2 books and at that time, I just made a mind-boggling realization. I WAS IN THE WRONG LECTURE

student next to me :dude, forgot your notes?
me : uhm, yeah sort of... listen, I just remembered I had to go somewhere can I get out? sorry

So there I was, right in the middle of the row struggling to walk towards the corridor.. making loud noises while people stare at me. I walked down the corridor to the door and noticed my friends who happened to study Calculus laughing and pointing at me. When I reached the door, I hid from the lecturer, dropped my bag on the floor and gave my friends two middle fingers, and I ran to the actual physics lecture.

A few minutes later, my friend texted me: 

St: "mate, 5 minutes of the lecture too boring for you?"
me : "haha nah mate, I was in the wrong theatre!"
St: "......you're a crazy man. I approve of this."

Just last week, I was early to my physics lecture again, just played pool with my good friend MB and thought that I should actually rock up to a lecture for once. I waited for the last lecture to finish, and I went in. I looked around the theater and saw some faces that seemed familiar to me. I looked to the lecturer and realized that it was the same old lecturer who lectures Calculus 2. Some of my friends who don't come to my stream of Physics lecture came through the door, I thought, "these guys don't do physics.... wait, deja vu..... ohhhhhh right."

So yes. throughout the whole year I am still not used to this new teaching concept called lectures, I guess it takes a while for a struggler to learn new things, just like my breadth subject from last semester.

me, just a week ago: "I think I'm becoming more logical lately"
ET : "haha good for you, but wait, why now? You did 'Logic' last semester"
me: "hm yeah, I guess it took me 3 months to finally catch up with the subject"


On a different note, I received a nice photo taken by T this afternoon. Seems like the MAXIMA logo that I asked him to buy for me from eBAY had finally arrived, if you've just caught up with my blog, please read the incident of the missing M post

props to J for the funny arrangement of letters

Can't wait to try out different funny phrases I can make with this set, along with the ones I have stuck on my car. 

So there you go, a post reliving some 'typical Adhi' moments that this blog has been lacking lately. For those who just recently tuned in to this blog, I hope you enjoyed the post and I hope you look forward to many more posts to come!



  1. LOL at all these stories.
    it's led me to come to a conclusion that you kind of fail adhi.. there there. *pats back*

  2. I can't believe you just figured that out. you know that's how I've been trying to describe myself the whole time? I guess I fail at blogging too...