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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Struggle with the new laptop

hmm.. what was I about to say.... oh yes. THE LAST POST WAS SO CRAP!

I read over it (seriously this is becoming my new hobby) and it made me feel so depressed and guilty for making you read such a bad post. So now I would like to make a new post to compensate for being an idiot.

I have noticed how my posts made a pattern. It goes like this: bad > even worse > really crap > not worth reading etc. so I believe I NEED TO LIFT MY GAMEE.

Staying at home the whole day without doing anything was probably the reason I've been acting a bit odd. I like to go out and talk to people, or doing anything really.. Anything that gets me out of STUDYING. so in a nutshell, I am a procrastinating freak.

Today I've been trying to figure out all the new and fun gimmicks of my new laptop, and there are some good discoveries, along with some bad ones:
- today was the first time I played around with a fingerprint sensor, IT IS SO COOL signing in has never been so easy! internet explorer can save username and password information using the fingerprint sensor, so if I want to go on facebook I dont have to type anything (except for the actual facebook website) I just swipe my finger and GOOD TO GO! but sadly internet explorer is... well.... an absolute piece of crap so I wont be using that feature

- the webcam can also be used with a face recognition software, so I registered my face in the database and it can detect it so I can sign in without touching my laptop! It's pretty cool and I'm addicted to using it, I put the screensaver to go on after 1 minute of not using the laptop and make me sign in again so that I can use the face detector. yes I am extremely bored. But most of the time it takes a couple of tries. I don't know, maybe my laptop is so angry that the owner has such a weird face. You know what they call asians right? "you all look the same" well why don't I bring this laptop to uni tomorrow and put that to the test?

- I just recently (by recently i mean 1 second after I bought the laptop) realized that the resolution is only a mere 1280x800. High def laptops can go up to 1920x1080. Playing games on full definition laptops would be heaven. (given that the hardware of the laptop can actually keep up with the image rendering and all that, unlike my old laptop). So when I found out that my laptop can only give such low resolution, in my mind I said, "hmmmm ok so let's check the resolution..." (opened the resolution info page) "alright..........hmmmm.....wait.... what..................F**K"

- My old laptop was running on Windows XP, and my home PC runs in Vista. So Windows 7 is pretty new to me. I'm still trying to work out how to change the settings on this thing. I wanted to connect my phone via bluetooth and it. was. a. struggle. In my old laptop its just as simple as clicking 2 buttons. I paired my phone with my laptop and suddenly a menu popped up showing me all these random signs and names and options : would you like to connect this as dial-up? would you like to create a network using this device? would you like to kiss my ass? (if that one actually came up, I would marry this laptop). Turns out now my phone is working as an internet dial-up modem and everytime I try to connect anything, my internet just automatically connects to my phone, even though it actually has no relation to the internet.....

I have left this laptop on the whole day, and I am starting to become a bit worried about how it's holding up. The laptop says it is in a 'healthy' state but those things always lie. It tells you it's 'healthy' one second, and the next second it blows up. So lately I've been noticing some weird noises when I'm sitting down typing away on my laptop. It's a sort of a cluttering and creaking noise, sounds like something's struggling to hold up with whatever pressure I've been putting on it. I looked at my laptop, listened and the noise is still there. I looked around and finally found the source of the noise. Seems like I'm too heavy because my chair is really struggling   to hold my weight. Gotta lay off the fast food. or just food in general.

So yeah, the whole day I've caged myself in my room worshipping my laptop and actually studying for the first time the past 2 weeks. Got 55% for my internet assignment and pretty unhappy with it. I guess that's what you get for sleeping in and not turning up to lectures. or drawing pictures and annoying the person next to me when I am actually in the lecture.

I really do doubt that I can last a single day without having a chat with a friend, so I am really looking forward to going to uni tomorrow to engage contact with the local community (and to test the asians look alike hypothesis).

Hope this post is good enough for me to feel satisfied about myself so that I can go to sleep. If not then you shall be expecting a new post soon! If not, then I shall see you tomorrow!


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