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Saturday, October 23, 2010

why hello there


Lately (well actually since about 5 years ago) I have noticed how everyone's getting into one of these things called 'blogs'. So after a couple of years (again, about 5) of peer pressure I finally gave in to making one of my own and join the trend. Even though the trend has probably changed since about.... 5 years ago.

ok so my name is Adhi. Uni student living in Melbourne and in a nutshell I am a struggler, as what most people would call me. I struggle with everything I do and I really don't mind, since I tend to give everyone a good laugh (haha) and I reckon practice makes perfect right? So in theory, if I struggle often, in a couple of years I won't be such a struggler anymore yeah?! I read over that last paragraph and it did not make any sense, so that's another struggle to add to the list. 

I heard from people that blogs make them feel... SECURE, HAPPY AND SAFE. (wait the first and the third word means the same) well what I'd like to do with my blogs is to make OTHERS feel good about themselves, knowing that there is a dude who struggles more than they do living in this world. 

Most people use blogs to let out their emotions when they're well.. full of emotions. Some just do it for funny ones and some, like I would like to use my blog, use theirs as an e-diary. I discovered this revolutionary (not really) and ground-breaking (yeah, not really) concept from one of my favourite blogs from Indonesia (oh yeah I'm indo, did I forget to mention that?) by a dude who's just a couple of years older than me. The general idea is that he used his blog as a diary that people can read. First I thought, well that's stupid, aren't diaries supposed to be private? But once I start getting into reading it it's actually pretty good. I laughed at his struggles in life, and I plan and hope to do the same to you, readers of this blog.


That was my introduction, and I hope I didn't bore you with this little ramble on blogs. I promise the next few posts are more interesting. 


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