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Monday, October 25, 2010

One push of a button...

Sitting in the middle of a children's play area alone in Officeworks opposite Chadstone waiting for my laptop to start working again, all I wanted was to post the stories I've come across during the day in my blog.

So how did this happen? First we need to go back a couple of hours earlier.

Today was the first day of uni since I've started my blog. And I've noticed how everyone complimented my funny stories and how I helped them get through a boring and uneventful weekend...... HA! not really..

Uni is still pretty much the same, considering how NO ONE reads my blog. I woke up late as usual, rocked up to my lecture half an hour late as usual, made a racket while trying to find a seat as usual, and forgot my lecture notes at home.. as usual.

Today's weather was almost as awesome as yesterday so after my 12pm lecture (which finished at 1) I went to the uni lawn and chilled there with a couple of friends for lunch. Before I knew it an hour had passed and I realized that I promised to be home by 3 to go look for a laptop with my parents... it takes 1 and a half hours to get home... WOOPS.

So I hurried back home and before I had the chance to say a word my parents kicked me out of the house and we left to look for laptops.

My mum suggested to go to the Officeworks near our house in Glen Waverley and so we went. We looked around for the laptop I wanted, a VAIO S-series but they don't have any in stock. The dude who helped check for us told me to go to Harvey Norman instead, which was the original plan...

On the way to Harvey Norman near Chadstone, my mum realized that the main store for Officeworks is actually right next to it. She laughed idiotically and I just stared at her (yeah I wasn't paying attention to the road) I guess struggleness runs in the family..

We went to Harvey Norman and found this TOSHIBA laptop which was twice as fast as the VAIO i wanted but costs about the same. I was really, like.. REALLY eager to get it but my mum told me to wait for my dad to decide so we did. We spent 30 minutes waiting for my dad until my mum suggested to check the Officeworks next door.

We checked out the place, and damnn it was at least twice as big as the one we went to before. HUGE collection of laptops, and this other TOSHIBA laptop caught my attention. 13.3 inch screen, Intel Core i5 processor 520M, 500 GB hard drive, 4GB RAM and 512 MB dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 310M graphics. I'm not much of a tech expert but for 1200 bucks THAT IS A HUUUUUGE BARGAIN. The TOSHIBA laptop from before was 1500 bucks and it actually had worse specs hahah

So we ended up buying the latter and completely neglected Harvey Norman for their crappy deals. I wanted to get home as soon as possible and try this bad boy out, but mum wanted me to try it out in the store instead. The only power supply they had was next to the children play area so I had to sit in this one tiny stools that kids sit on while the draw on the table using chalk. I pushed the on button and the laptop went into one of these configuration setting modes that apparently most laptops go through. It rebooted and went back to configuration mode and rebooted again and configured again. This process repeated for another 5 times until my dad told me, "I think you broke it"...

ONE PUSH OF A BUTTON. JUST ONE. AND I BROKE MY NEW LAPTOP. what. the. hell... I decided to wait for the laptop to finish the never ending chain of rebooting and configuring. After 20 minutes my mum and dad got bored and left me alone in the store. And that's where we left off..

I sat there, alone, waiting for my laptop to start working. During that time, I tried to make use of my time. I drew pictures on the table with chalk, but people started to stare at me so I stopped. A really good looking girl who was working there came along and I stared at her. She stared back at me so I stopped. I start taking my clothes off but people were screaming and trying to escape the building so I stopped. There was a computer with internet connection not too far away from where I was sitting but I was afraid that someone would take my precious laptop away if I leave it alone for a short session of freedom.

2 HOURS HAS PASSED, and FINALLY MY LAPTOP REBOOTED FOR THE LAST TIME. The desktop appeared for the first time and I tried out some programs to make sure it is FULLY functional. Then, as fast as I could, I packed up, stormed out of the shop and RAN TO MY CAR to get home quickly.

So that was the story of how I got my NEW LAPTOP! The keyboard is a bit smaller but it's definitely manageable. So much struggle to just get a piece of machine. Yes being a struggler is not easy...

Very sexy and light, it's even shining!

Well anyway this boring story has come to an end and I realized how long my post is this time around. I actually had some more stuff to post but I guess it can wait. NOW OFF TO ADMIRING MY NEW LAPTOP!




  2. I really like how you mentioned my name not once, but TWICE in your post. hahahaha