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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A waste of a night

I'm writing this post because I woke up to early. Woke up 40 minutes ago, yeah at 6.40am. why? I'll tell you why.

As I was walking along the train station to my car in the car park yesterday after uni finished at 5.00pm, I was planning the whole night for myself:

1. I swim
2. I blog
3. I study
4. I blog
5. I skip 3.
6. Let's get started on 5. first.

So yes that plan would've pretty much filled the whole night of doing something. But none of those things happened.

I got home, ready to go to swim (the outdoor swimming pool opens at 5 and closes at 7 so I had to leave immediately if I want to swim under the sun) but somehow my hand reached for the television remote instead. Turned on the TV and walked to the fridge. Got some food, sat on the couch and pretty much neglected swimming.

After eating, I felt pretty guilty so I went upstairs to study for compensation. Turned on my laptop and suddenly I felt really tired and sleepy. I don't know why but my brain was ALMOST SHUTTING DOWN. ok not really I just really did not want to study.

So I thought, yep let's take a little nap, I went to my bed and went to sleep about 2 seconds later. It was 6.00pm

The next thing I know, I woke up at 6.40AM. I SLEPT FOR 12 HOURS. WHAT. THE. HELL. the whole night was gone, all that I planned on doing (mostly study for exams) were not done! When I woke up I realized that the sun was out. If I didn't need to pee I'd probably slept till 7.50 and miss my first class again. They really should put 'struggler' as an option for special consideration for exams.


Somehow, the dream that I had the night before is still in my mind, usually I can't remember my dreams so when I woke up I was pretty surprised. Here was how it went :

The first thing I remembered was that I was back in Year 12 and I was at a tutor in some dude's house in the middle of nowhere, I had just finished my tutor at 7.00pm and I needed a ride home. So I asked a friend but he just suddenly drove off. what a rat. I looked around for a way to get home. No trams, buses or trains around. So I texted my dad. The second the text was sent, my dad came out and told me: I've been waiting in the car in the parking lot downstairs. There was a parking lot downstairs? I did not know that (how sweet of my dad btw) before I realized, it was already 11.00 (in the dream)

I remembered in the car that there was a friend's party that EVERYONE is going to. So I told my dad that I need to go home first to get ready etc. When I got home, EVERYONE WAS AT MY PLACE! turns out they got sick of the first party so they had the afterparty at my place. I do not know how they got in there or how they assumed it was ok to have a party at my own house without my consent. But whatever, I thought positive and enjoyed the company of my friends for the rest of the night. The next half an hour of my dream was just simply hanging out with my friends at my own home, like we usually do in real life. I don't want to sound corny or anything but during that half an hour I felt secure and simply. happy. Those dreams that make you feel like there is nothing to worry about, like you are living in the moment and just the feeling of enjoying some quality time with friends, was all that I need for me to have a decent start to the morning.

So there you go, an odd but heart warming (at least for me) dream that helped me get through the worst part of every person's morning. Getting up. Now off to Uni, NOT LATE!


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