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Friday, October 29, 2010

Romance, it's all a mystery

I have noticed how I have been using the words "noticed and realized" very often in my posts, so let's try a different expression

it has come to my attention that I am sitting home alone writing a blog on a Friday evening.
it has come to my attention that I am 10 lectures behind of schedule and my exams are only a week away.
it has come to my attention that there were many people (not including me) were completely trashed at uni today
it has come to my attention that SECOND SEMESTER IS OVER!!! YEEEAAAAA, and finally
it has come to my attention that more people are getting into relationships.

I have described myself as a struggler at driving, at making grammatically concise sentences and at pretty much everything I do. But in my opinion, I find myself to struggle the most at understanding the emotions of those of the opposite gender.

My friend CB (no it's not Chris Brown or C*ck Blocker) had written a very sensitive and public message to his ex-spouse:

‎"So (X), I hear that you have somebody else in your life, I know it has been a while since we went our separate ways. The way I see it is I have two choices. I either beat the sh*t out of him or I totally forget
about you. But there is no use in any of those because none of them is gonna bring you back to me. I remember like it was only yesterday when you took me out to the park and kissed me in the rain. It is normal for somebody to remember their first love?
Cause i never got over you."


but still, if only I was able to pull off something like that...

I asked my friends why I find it harder than others to approach girls or become closer to them, and they said:

G: "you're too nice to other girls"
E: "you're too indecisive"
T: "you're fat."

I find T's advice to be very honest and helpful. 

But yes, come to think of it, I tend to change my mind very often. One second I think she's the perfect one for me and the next second I look the other way. Do people find it hard to make such a decision? Or have I not met 'the one' yet? Am I supposed to take some sort of leap in this situation? Or just let fate decide?

If there is one thing to take away from this post, it's this : I guess I am just a hopeless romantic.

Hrmh, I'm not feeling it tonight. I don't feel like posting an extremely long post. Maybe because I'm tired from sitting in the sun the whole day. So I'll post a nicer post tomorrow.


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